Woman’s Hour | Live Review & Photoset


Woman’s Hour produce a sound like no other, chilled yet powerful, music that’s remarkably cognisant and full of artistic expression.

People are slowly crowding together in anticipation, signature pyramids are being placed around the stage and the sound engineer jokes “the illuminati is coming” as the lights turn down. Everything is dark, a moment of silence, Woman’s Hour emerge from the audience onto the stage, the room is awakened by casts of crystal blue lights, the London four piece all dressed in black and Fiona with her beautifully crafted crown gracefully taking the microphone, ready to present us with what was going to be one of the most artistic performances at The Louisiana.

Woman’s Hour have only recently caught my attention, following a span of great performances including their sold out show at London’s Purcell Rooms and their double-sided single release ‘Her Ghost/I Need You’. Now preparing for their debut album ‘Conversations’ and kicking off their first headline tour at The Louisiana, I’m eagerly anxious and excited. A sound like no other, chilled yet powerful, music that’s remarkably cognisant and full of artistic expression, a deep trance engulfs the room as everyone silently watches upon the shimmering synths, pulsating beats, airy guitar strings and crystal like vocals.

Each song evolving one after the next. ‘Her Ghost’ with its openly expansive sound, synths stretching further and becoming more rhythmic to the electronic beat, fluctuating strings of bass and electric guitar among Fiona’s words of emotion. Self-titled single ‘Conversations’ from the forthcoming LP with its flicking groove bass strings and layered synths is undeniably alluring, lights beam from each side of the stage as Fiona’s vocal tones increase, waving her arms so calmly as she sings “conversations we should have with ourselves, that we won’t share with anyone else”. The group’s cover of ‘Bleeding Love’ comes indeed powerful and is brought to life during their set; watching on with my camera as lights shape-shift across the room and members Josh, William and Nick all grooving in sync to their mystical electronica soundscapes. ‘I Need You’ is dark yet romantically intense, chilled undertones which grip the atmospheric setting that’s firmly in place.

It was performance of artistic direction, beautiful vocals that sparkled of soul and intensity, eclectic electronic percussion, rhythmic guitar strings and their signature pyramids all make for a unique concept. An exciting band to watch out for this year so catch them whilst you can.

Check out the wonderful ‘Her Ghost’ right here: