12th August | SWX

Free Willie? You heard it here! In advance of the imminent release of his debut album, People and Their Dogs, on 18th August, the clown prince of rock ‘n’ stroll, Willie J Healey, is genuinely giving us something for nothing on Saturday night at SWX. All you need is a ticket, but it’ll cost you nowt. He’s been on everyone’s radar since 2015 with a sound that he describes as “slightly slacker, a little bit surfy, alt rock, laid back… like the Beach Boys mixed with Meatloaf.” Add in a touch of Kurt Vile, the occasional dab of Brian Ferry and a generous double measure of Pete Doherty and you’re probably there. If people were genuinely like their dogs, then Willie J Healey would own a particularly exuberant Springer Spaniel.

Will he be wearing the cowboy outfit from the ‘Lazy Shade of Pink’ video? The casual garden party cream suit from the ‘People and Their Dogs’ video? The nerdy sound man’s outfit (including a large python), worn when recording “nonophonics”, the sounds of things that don’t make sounds (like a moist tyre track or a forgotten sock) on the video for ‘Would You Be’? As you can tell from the nature of the questions, Willie J Healey is not someone to take himself too seriously. Expect humour, wit, charm and some high-quality lo-fi. You’ll have a whale of a time.

Tickets here. Check out the video for ‘People and Their Dog’ below.