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Because of 99% of all social media, it feels like there have only been two albums actually released this week. I don’t think I have to name them for you.

Like two colossal asteroids, both crashed into the ears of us mere mortals, creating an apocalyptic Earth where Drizzy and Bey rule over the human race. But don’t worry, one brave rebel (me) escaped their clutches, scouring the scorched earth to seek out new music for your ears. You can thank me later.

(Just to warn you though, Drake and Beyonce do definitely still feature. I can’t be perfect. All hail Supreme Earth Overlords Bey and Drizzy.)

Partybaby – I Don’t Wanna Wait

This should be the perfect song to break you out of Our Overloads spell. The Californian band have lived up to their reputation of writing bratty skate punk. Like a slightly more polished FIDLAR, ‘I Don’t Wanna Wait’ has all the hallmarks of a punk banger: big power chords and an even bigger chorus.

Iyesaya – Monster

Part of Art Is Hard’s fantastic Pin Pals Club, ‘Monster’ is a perfect slice of dreamy bedroom pop from Dorset’s Iyesaya. A crashingly beautiful attack on the stigma that surrounds mental health, passion drips through the lo-fi guitars and simple songwriting creating a tune that mixes Mac Demarco charm with classic indie melody.

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Eric Sings – She

With shimmering Nirvana-like guitars, simple rhythms and an entrancing voice, Bristol’s Eric Sings’ new single ‘She’ is the perfect introduction for him to the world. Premiered on The Flux Presents, it a beautifully dark song that builds and builds till all the layers are circling round your head.

Loyle Carner – Stars & Shards

With grime having such a renaissance, it’s easy to forget UK rappers that don’t fit into this genre. Whilst a lot of UK rap seems a bit derivative, nicking bits from it’s US counterparts, this new song from Loyle Carner carves it’s own space. His flow is distinctly english, as is his mentions of Thorpe Park, and the sparse, dark guitar lines that underpin his vocals put him closer to King Krule sonically than anyone else.

Ardyn – Over The River

Gloucestershire twins Ardyn shed their reputation for being delicate on this new single. Though it starts with some twinkling piano, half way through it switches gear, powering into a full on pop anthem. Singer Katy Pearson’s voice has never sounded so impressive, and if this is a sign of things to come, it’s time to start getting excited about the duo.

Katy Epps – Spin

A short snapshot from the young London singer-songwriter. The soft piano and mournful vocals, coupled with the video’s cut and paste feel, make Lana Del Rey comparisons inevitable. ‘Spin’ is a lot weirder than that though, and it’ll be interesting to see what the rest of her upcoming EP sounds like.

Bad Sounds – Avalanche

Need a bit of a pick me up? Bad Sounds have you covered. New single ‘Avalanche’ is as addictively catchy as all their other singles, full of falsetto harmonies, huge hooks and basslines so funky that they give Jamiroquai a run for their money.

Ryan Sambol – April March

This new one from ex-Strange Boys lead singer Ryan Sambol carries on his old band’s tradition of sounding like they came to the late 00’s through a wormhole from the past. Instead of sounding like a bunch of teens practicing garage rock in 1969 though, this new cut sounds like a long lost ska track, with a ‘Liquidator’ style offbeat combining with some country guitar twangs.

Drake – Feel No Way

And now we find ourselves at the inevitable. Views only dropped this morning, and to be honest, I’m still coming to grips with it (and by that I mean I’m listening to it on repeat, alone). I could probably have picked any track, but ‘Feel No Way’ finds Drake re-employing the cheesy 80’s synths and 808’s that made ‘Hold On We’re Going Home’ so great. Ask me tomorrow though, and I’ll have picked a different fave.

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Beyonce – Hold Up

Similarly, it’s hard to pick one track out of this album, mostly because it’s all so fucking great. For all the talk of Becky with the good hair (not me btw), it’s one of the most consistently great albums Beyonce has made, and one that has some wonderfully assertive political overtones. But let’s just pick ‘Hold Up’ because it bangs.

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