Toy | Preview


Toy‘s second album ‘Join The Dots’ may have arrived during the tumbleweed music month of December, but the tour following comes at a time when anticipation for the season ahead is rife. You guessed it, February is upon us, and the touring year is soon to be in full swing.

There’s an arresting sense of curiosity that comes with seeing the Brighton five-piece live. Dramatic lighting sharpens every feature, synth-lines gouge at the chest-cavity and ambiguous projections splatter over a backdrop, it’s for sure bloody well exciting. The band are due a date with Thekla on the 19th, a place no stranger to lashings of noise.

Expect a cold chill as Tom Dougall sings with a hollow sarcasm and sports a gaunt canvas of a face, something last seen in Bristol upon the bands headline slot at our Fear Of Fiction Festival back in 2012, oh it’s a treat to have them back in town.

Check out our old favourite ‘Motoring’ right here: