Rising Bristol label Be Softly has announced that it is releasing The Waterboatman’s fantastic debut album Most Life.

The collection of beautiful lo-fi bedroom pop was released exactly a year ago, but this rerelease will help it to reach the audience it truly deserves. The project is the work of Brook Laing, who writes under the Waterboatman name. The album mixes his touching vocals, sparse electronic production and guitar lines, whilst inviting you in to view Brook’s most intimate thoughts.

Be Softly is home to, and run by, electronic duo Poisonous Birds. Infact, the label says, Brook met became part of the Be Softly family after seeing Poisonous Birds second ever show.

“As the 1 year anniversary of this album rolled around and another buzz picked up on the socials, it occurred to me that we should give this beautiful body of work the platform it deserves – so today we’re proudly distributing it digitally via Be Softly.” said Tom, who runs BE Softly. “This is exactly what we started Be Softly for. As artists we meet a lot of amazing people creating amazing work. We’re so excited to be able to collaborate with these people, and expose their ideas to a wider audience.”

Listen to the full LP below.