SINGLE: Salem. Asia.

Holy shit, what is this? In a good way, this is completely un-listenable. Actually, not in a good way, in an oh-my-God it’s 4am...

Releases of the Month | November

This month sees long-awaited albums, EPS and singles from Yama Warashi, She Makes War, Sad13 and Fehm

On An On – ‘Give In’ | Album Review

Words: Laura Eley Up until early this year Nate Eiesland, Alissa Ricci and Ryne Estwing made up three parts of what was Chicago based indie...

Acts To Get Excited About For 2016

Whether you're sobbing into your screen now you're back in the office; realising that yep, there's only that many weeks until your next uni deadline or...

Letherette – ‘Self Titled’ | Album Review

Words: Tom Belshaw Wolverhampton has a lot going for it. It was the first city to have automatic traffic lights installed in 1927. It’s within the top...

Coasts ‘Oceans’ | EP Review

As Coasts put the finishing touches to their debut album, the 'Oceans EP' comes as a timely offering to quench our thirst over festival season

Hozier ‘From Eden’ | EP Review

Ireland have given us many great things – Guinness, leprechauns, Bob Geldof – but it seems none are as great as singer-songwriter Andrew Hozier-Byrne, known to you and I simply as Hozier, whose recent offering really packs a punch.

Albums of the Year 2016

2016 was a shit bag of a year but with it came some truly great records.

Centrefolds – ‘Fashion’ | EP Review

'Fashion' dwells eagerly upon the pop tones of indie yesteryear, with some catchy drum-pads remaining a constant staple throughout.

Dinosaur Pile-Up ‘Eleven Eleven’ | Album Review

As usual it’s the trio’s songwriting and execution that separate them from the pack.