The Tame – ‘Ross & Rachel’ | EP Review

We're straining our ears to pluck out some dialect before, womp, it's clashy fills and stuttering stabs in the ear passage.

Tubelord – Tezcatlipoca | EP Review

In a typically Tubelord-esque way, the new EP, Tezcatlipoca, arrives in the post and I immediately wonder why the packaging is about six times...

Makala Cheung ‘Take Me’ | Single Review

Singer-songwriter Makala Cheung flies the flag for both Bristol and China with pride, as she combines both traditional and electronic sounds to create some quite distinctive pop.

The Hit Ups – The Whordes | EP Review

The Hit Ups have been slowly honing their sound for a while now, wetting our appetite with last year’s free download of Unforgivable /...

She Makes War – Direction of Travel | Review

She Makes War as a project has continued to grow, just as Laura has

Givers ‘New Kingdom’ | Album Review

Givers’ rise to fame has already been the whirlwind you might imagine from a band that formed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina – yet on ‘New Kingdom’, they sound as fresh and young as ever.

Hysterical Injury ‘Blood Burst’ | EP Review

Hysterical Injury return with their four-track follow-up to 2012’s ‘Dead Wolf Situation’.


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