Termites’ Debut ‘Termites’ | Album Review

Remember Woolworth’s? There used to be one down Broadwalk – or up if you were coming from the posher end of town – like...

Soak ‘Before We Forget How To Dream’ | Album Review

Soak's debut album is released under Rough Trade in a lush expanse of echoed vocals and dreamy guitar patterns.

Eagulls – Self Titled | Album Review

Leeds four-piece, Eagulls, have been making waves both in and out of the music scene.

Omni-X ‘One’ | EP Review

Omni-X’s debut EP ‘One’ strikes you as something poignant from the get-go.

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Desaparecidos ‘Payola’ | Album Review

With fists clenched, this resurrected beast speaks in those trademark tortured rasps, the fourteen-track manifesto a fervent call to rally hearts and minds to its cause.

Tubelord – Tezcatlipoca | EP Review

In a typically Tubelord-esque way, the new EP, Tezcatlipoca, arrives in the post and I immediately wonder why the packaging is about six times...

Letherette – ‘Self Titled’ | Album Review

Words: Tom Belshaw Wolverhampton has a lot going for it. It was the first city to have automatic traffic lights installed in 1927. It’s within the top...

Drenge ‘Undertow’ | Album Review

Northerners Drenge show second album pressures the way to the door with their follow up 'Undertow'.