Sickwax – Wax Plastic Surgery | EP Review

By Huw Goodhead After their October 2010 release ‘Skint Prestige,’ Sickwax had a productive 2011. Getting support slots for artists like Dizraeli, Gentelmens Dub Club...

Various Artists ‘Walking With Thieves’ | Compilation Review

Bristol’s fastest-rising music conduit, Chiverin, is back to put a mess of new sounds for Record Store Day.

Breakfast #1 Compilation | Review

Breakfast #1 is newly formed Breakfast Records very own stamp on the current independent music scene

Jemima Surrender ‘The Uninhabited World’ | Album Review

In few words, the band’s debut epitomises all that’s great about indie rock — and in a relatively condensed state.

Makala Cheung ‘Empty Pocket’ | Single Review

Makala sings of life’s pleasures, taking your time and being true to yourself in her latest single.

Chiyoda-Ku – ‘Bread and Circuses’ | EP Review

Their debut EP ‘Bread and Circuses’ is one that exudes a passion to create.

Elderbrook ‘I Found’ | Stream

Elderbrook has been busy at work on some great remixes, including Amber Run’s most recent release ‘I Found’.

Robin Mitchell ‘Solid Gold / My Next Song’ | Mixtape Review

Is lo-fi anything to get excited about? It is when it’s as earnest and well-crafted as Robin Mitchell’s newest mixtape.

Coasts – Oceans | Single Review

Have you been living under a rock, that's inside a cave, situated in outer Mongolia? Well, let me introduce you to Coasts then. Things don’t...

Albums Of The Year 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. No, not that one – we’re talking of course about Albums of the Year.