Robin Mitchell ‘Solid Gold / My Next Song’ | Mixtape Review

Is lo-fi anything to get excited about? It is when it’s as earnest and well-crafted as Robin Mitchell’s newest mixtape.

Bridges ‘Ballgowns’ | Single Review

Perhaps their finest single to date, Bridges are back with the sharp and stunning 'Ballgowns'.

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The rather genre-defying Nasty Little Lonely are back with an EP of terrible tales.

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With his latest release, Bristol’s Howlin’ Lord (Mark Legassick) is beating down the same world-weary path as his folk forefathers.

Aztecs ‘Young Blood’ | Single Review

'Young Blood' comes like a much needed jug of mulled wine, packed with a distinct moreish flavour.

Something Anorak ‘Tiny Island’ | Album Review

Creeping in as one of the best releases of the year so far, one of Howling Owl’s more recent signings slide their understated debut album ‘Tiny Island’ under your nose as if to say “well?”.

Bella Loka ‘Escape’ | EP Review

Bella Loka's Escape EP is a kinetic, effervescent collection of pop songs for the indie generation.

Fires ‘Self-titled’ | EP Review

Fires may have spent the last couple of years tweaking their sound — but new EP 'Fires' hears them truly find their own blues-indebted angle.

Rebecca Clements ‘Lovechild’ | Single Review

If you’re a fan of Daughter, Banks, or if life still holds any meaning at all — wrap your ears around some ‘Lovechild’.

Tail Feather ‘Self-Titled’ | EP Review

Bristol-via-Reading Americana four-piece Tail Feather are taking us back to 1973 with their self-titled EP, released on 1st October.