Spectres ‘Dying’ | Album Review

Swelling, swooping and sweating with decay, Spectres' ‘Dying’ is a black challenge to anyone who thinks noise and distortion can't be nuanced.

Wenonoah ‘Something Funny I Ate’ | Album Review

New to the Howling Owl nest, here comes Wenonoah's journey of a debut album.

Jesuits ‘Carpet Floors’ | Premiere

Following on from the excitement created by their string of live shows, Bristol's Jesuits are finally releasing their debut single 'Carpet Floors'.

Lana Del Rey ‘Honeymoon’ | Album Review

Unbearably fragile from start to finish, ‘Honeymoon’ is loneliness incarnate but, more importantly: it’s quite divisive.
releases of the month february

Releases of the Month – February

This month sees long-awaited albums, EPS and singles from Vagabon, Allison Crutchfield, Dear Reader, Oliver Wilde and Dutch Uncles.

Hysterical Injury ‘Blood Burst’ | EP Review

Hysterical Injury return with their four-track follow-up to 2012’s ‘Dead Wolf Situation’.

Colleagues ‘Visits’ | EP Review

With huge synth swells, arpeggios and stabs permeating the dense soundscapes, the new Colleagues EP has arrived.

Emlyn ‘Etherealism’ | EP Review

‘Etherealism’ is the work of Bristol-based solo artist Emlyn who, at nineteen, has already drawn attention from BBC Introducing and more.

Breakfast #1 Compilation | Review

Breakfast #1 is newly formed Breakfast Records very own stamp on the current independent music scene

Releases Of The Month – December

This month sees albums, EPs and singles from SLONK, Cousin Kula, The Dunwells, Beans On Toast and loads more.