Releases of the Month – July

Each month we bring you a handy round-up of the most exciting new releases. This month sees long-awaited albums, EPs and singles from Broken Social...

The Rhubarbs ‘A Tale Of Love, Loss and Rhubarb’ | EP...

The self-proclaimed title of ‘Sweatbox Hype’ is one that The Rhubarbs have worn proudly on their sleeves since coming up with it, now after what seems like forever, the band are finally releasing their debut EP.

Chapel Club – ‘All The Eastern Girls’ | Single Review

Chapel Club follow up their appearance on the NME’s new band tour by releasing their third single of the year. Their lack of seeming...

Albums of the Year 2016

2016 was a shit bag of a year but with it came some truly great records.

The Twilight Sad ‘Oran Mor Session’ | Album Review

No strangers to live, tour and compilation releases, this one compiles a handful of stripped-back live tracks, with a tantalising number of b-sides and other tidbits surrounding the album.

The Hit Ups – The Whordes | EP Review

The Hit Ups have been slowly honing their sound for a while now, wetting our appetite with last year’s free download of Unforgivable /...

She Makes War – Direction of Travel | Review

She Makes War as a project has continued to grow, just as Laura has

The Cadbury Sisters ‘Sarah’ | EP Review

The Cadbury Sisters are sounding more confident than ever with their new EP 'Sarah'.

Battles ‘La Di Da Di’ | Album Review

Brimming with intellect, innovation and an infectiously joyous sense of abandon, it’s hard to imagine what Battles could possibly think of next.

Wavves ‘V’ | Album Review

Wavves’ fifth album does manage to provide something worthwhile.