Shy Nature – ‘Self Titled’ | Album Review


Words: Rhys Buchanan

Back in April, North London’s Shy Nature grabbed some serious attention with their debut single Deadly Sin, critics were instantly pleased by its spiralling guitars and warm vocals. The press acclaim that surrounded the track fast grew the band a following hungry for more and that more is scheduled to come on September 16th, when the bands first EP is set for release.

Whilst there’s a real summery charm about the self-titled four track, we get a brush of danger that’s enough to excite the ears. Opener ‘Sinking Ship’ carries a colourful guitar jangle, and the risk of sounding anything too generic is quelled by a voice that only Mystery Jet – Blaine Harrison could match. More of the same? Nope, ‘Be Fine’ pulls together the pungent guitars of Toy and Charlie Boyer, with lyrics that are very easy to get along with… “you might be fine… on your own…” it’s open and relatable.

Number three, ‘Washout’ proves that the band can deliver thrashing rock tones as well as airy acoustic numbers built for beers in field moments. Unlike most tracks of this form, Shy Nature keep things tight as tempo flits all over the place… in other words, there’s no unwanted feedback hanging about the place.

They represent everything that’s good about new music in the UK right now. It’s not hard to imagine a crowd bobbing along to the indie chugs of ‘A Thousand Minds’ on well, Glastonbury’s John Peel or any O2 Academy stage. Although the EP proposes nothing radically different, it’s very easy to like – and for a debut, it shows the band have more than a spare bedrooms worth of potential.