Waxahatchee | Photoset

Tenderness and tempestuous emotions combined is the delicate balance that Waxahatchee strikes. See Jessica Bartolini's photo's of Waxahatchee's recent show at The Fleece.
Soccer Mommy

Soccer Mommy | Live Review + Photoset

Soccer Mommy brought her 2018 debut album, 'Clean' to Thekla this week. Ross Jones and Jessica Bartolini were among the lucky below-decks crowds.

The KVB | Live Review & Photoset

The KVB blend shoegaze and electronic melancholy. Jon Kean and Jessica Bartolini review their recent performance at The Louisiana.

Candy Darling | Live Photos

Candy Darling @ The Fleece, Bristol. 24.05.15.

Brisfest Soundscape Review + Photoset

The whole of the centre of town was swept up by the newly located festival.

End of the Road Review + Photoset

2017 proved to be one of End of the Road's strongest years ever.
Weather Station

The Weather Station | Live Review & Photoset

The Weather Station, when you do get to experience them within a live setting, reward their audience with music full of intensely personal qualities.

Jungle | Live Review & Photoset

"Jungle in 2018 are no longer merely a focused funk collective - they're ready to break the mould." Oliver Evans reviews. Photos by Mar Reyes.
Barr Brothers

The Barr Brothers | Photoset

River Town brought The Barr Brothers and their sibling symbiosis and solidarity to Thekla recently. Jessica Bartolini caught their family values on camera.

The Magic Gang | Live Review & Photoset

The Magic Gang, plus stellar supports, hit the O2 Academy with their polished sound and catchy sing-alongs. Georgia Marsh and Alesha Hickmans review.