Photo: Dom Mitchinson

Oliver Wilde is a cherished member of the Bristol music scene. The dark, dreamy worlds he creates on his beautifully layered compositions have flourished over his trilogy of LPs – released via Howling Owl – and new LP Post-Frenz Container Buzz seems even more expansive, and less introspective, than previous records.

“I found more interesting things to say about other people,” Oliver says of his approach to the new album. “I’m pretty boring and ordinary really. Voices that won’t necessarily get the chance to be heard have the greatest things to say I’ve found.” He also mentions “abandoned parents in nursing homes and their… introspective poetry, yellow birds from Wiltshire, confusion in sexuality… phone videos of plane crashes, sexist magician murderers, shedding shitty friends, witchcraft and parts of more well known realities,” as influences.

“Voices that won’t necessarily get the chance to be heard have the greatest things to say I’ve found”

Wilde’s album titles are often a mind-bending mouthful, and the new album is no different. “The titles are always hiding something that some people get and others can’t, but I think explaining what they mean to me, or why they are the way they are, is pointless,” he explains. “People can build their own meaning into it. I don’t really understand the view that everything in art should need a ‘why’. It just is.”

Transferring the lush textures of his music from the bedroom to a live setting has always seemed like a small miracle in itself, and for the new record, Wilde has enlisted “a newish bunch of beautiful people” to help.

He has always welcomed collaboration with artists from Bristol and beyond, and Giant Swan, Fenne Lily, Nugget, as well as numerous others, all appear on Post-Frenz Container Buzz . “It’s nice to capture and document the people around me at the time when making these records,” Oliver adds. “I love for them to capture more than just music for a period of time. I try to pile in as much as possible in every sense.”

Oliver Wilde’s Post-Frenz Container Buzz is out on 17th February via Howling Owl. He plays Thekla on February 24th. Check out ‘Good Kind of Froze’ below.