First Listen | Post Yoga – Boy Doesn’t Eat Right

Post Yoga's new song sounds like a particularly fraught Casio keyboard gaining sentience.
Harvey Causon

Henry Green Unveils New Label New Fugue

Henry Green, the Bristolian musician and producer, has unveiled his own record label. Stepping behind the curtain from his more familiar place as an...

First Listen | Emily Breeze – Raining In My Heart

Emily Breeze turns an old Buddy Holly classic into something a whole load darker.

First Listen | Lynks Afrikka – Don’t Take It Personal

Listen to Lynks Afrikka's new piece of dark, industrial pop.

First Listen | Mouse – 3 Weeks

Check out the brilliant, pulsating new piece of pop from Mouse.

First Listen | La-Z-Eye – Since It All Fell Apart

La-Z-Eye serves up some smooth, crooning muzak-style pop on new single 'Since It All Fell Apart'.
Port Erin

First Look: Port Erin – ‘Just Like TV’ Video

Sombre Southwest-ers, Port Erin debut their slow-burning new track and video, 'Just Like TV' on Bristol in Stereo.Steeped in what can only be described as...

A House In The Trees and Mercy’s Cartel To Play SN#10

Spinny Nights have arranged another exciting night in their series of events within the city, this time around welcoming the enticingly eclectic sounds of...

First Listen | INDIGOs – Breathe In

Bristol duo INDIGOs are ready to show us what they're made of on fuzz-laden debut single 'Breathe In'.

First Listen | Ålesund – Shift & Flux

In anticipation for their upcoming EP of the same name, this first taste airs everything that excites us about the dramatic four-piece.