SJ Esau – ‘Exploding Views’ | Album Review

The tardy follow-up to 2008's...

Davidge – ‘Slo Light’ | Album Review

Debuts don’t often roll off the back of CVs as strong as that of producer-composer (Neil) Davidge.

Black Submarine – ‘New Shores’ | Album Review

The first full-length by newly-named and shiny Black Submarine wallows somewhat in its own juices.

Pylo ‘The Woman EP’ | Review

Pylo's second four-track fully embraces a clean production, leaving us all dewy eyed and full of hope. As the radar bands of 2014 come to light, don't be surprised if you hear much more of this release over the coming months.

Tail Feather – ‘Knocked Down / All Of A Sudden’ |...

When it comes to the well-tread sound of the 70s, it takes a lot to stand with the greats.

Cursor Major – ‘Interloper’ | EP Review & Watch ‘Floating Around’...

Lunging in from reality’s elastic periphery come Cursor Major and their debut EP, ‘Interloper’.

Pylo | Full Interview

Pylo create one magnificent sound, and since the last release they’ve gone somewhat feral. Having spent their time in the rolling rural hills that hug our corner of the UK, the result is something of great beauty - ‘The Woman EP’, out this month.

Haim – ‘If I Could Change Your Mind’ Video

Directed by Warren Fu, whose recent work includes the similarly misty 'Instant Crush' for Daft Punk, the new video sees some seriously retro dance-moves taking place on an old TV set. Borderline parody, but we love it.

Towns – ‘Young At Heart’ | Single Review

Shoegaze-coated guitar popsters Towns could well be our most written about band to date. Working harder than communist beavers these last two years, we can look forward to a flurry of new material in 2014 - kicked off by this stonking single.

Oliver Wilde | Interview & Steam ‘On This Morning’

In the run-up to our birthday issue, we shared some words with downer-pop muser Oliver Wilde. Plus, hear a stream of 'On This Morning', the opener for upcoming sophomore album 'Red Tide Opal in the Loose End Womb'.