The last day of May (nothing party political – we mean the 31st) sees the legendary Alan McGee, founder of Creation Records, come to The Thunderbolt to discuss his career, the music industry itself and his relationship with bands like Oasis and Primal Scream.

There’s that well-known piece of artwork that claims “…And on the sixth day, God created MANchester.” Tales of bold Mancunian swagger in the original creation story is just one element you can look forward to in the Twentieth Century Creation story. There can be no shortage of eminently curious anecdotes from a man who’s worked with the Gallaghers and still manages Shaun Ryder to this day.

The fact that a film has just been announced based on McGee’s life, with Danny Boyle and Irvine Welsh behind it, and Ewen Bremner in the lead role, rather confirms how much there is to tell. You can get a flavour of what’s destined for the big screen up close and personal at The Thunderbolt and a chance to ask him a question of your own.

He was once a “written-off young Glaswegian upstart” who ended up having the ear of senior politicians and being a foundation stone of Britpop, back in the day when Britannia actually, genuinely felt cool. The opportunity to hear more of his Creation stories has already been created for you.

See Alan McGee talking to BIMM students in Manchester here: