The Big Naturals | Interview

“Releasing your own record means you don’t have to compromise on anything.”

We catch up with Gareth and Jesse of The Big Naturals to talk niche music, and doing it yourself.

1. How have you approached making your first proper record?

After playing a whole bunch of live shows, the obvious next step for us was devoting some time to recording. Wanting to experiment, we decided to both record and mix it ourselves, and being as we’re both vinyl junkies it just had to be a vinyl release.

2. What made you decide to start your own label, Greasy Trucker?

We felt it was the best way to get our music out, and there was certainly no reason not to. We actually had a lot of help from Jonny ‘O’ at Rocket Recordings. He did the artwork for us and surprisingly even encouraged us to start our own label. Releasing your own records means you don’t have to compromise on anything.

3. With ‘niche music’ like yours, it’s perhaps more important than ever, beyond the label, to know exactly how you’re getting it out there. What’s the plan?

Well. Firstly we’re releasing a limited run of 200 vinyl copies that people can buy from us direct at shows, and from the Greasy Trucker website. But we’re even going to self-distribute. Luckily we’ll get some help there from our friends at Rise, Rough Trade, Honest Jon’s, Revolver and Aquarius in the US, Leaf Hound in Japan, Rocket, and of course The Heads who run their own label, Rooster. Its a learning experience and full of frustration / emotions / fear / death / joy / madness making a record, and the plan is to get on with another LP almost immediately!

4. To date you’ve done three sold out collaboration albums with The Heads, even playing sporadically as a three piece with Paul Allen. Tell us a bit about this relationship?

Ahhh… the Heads … Not only are they old time friends (Simon and Hugo both used to work in Replay Records, turned me onto so much cool sh*t!) but as a band they’ve had a huge influence on us. They sorted us out with a place to rehearse, and jammed with us. A f*cking great band – killer rhythm section! And Paul is a really exciting guitar player, he’s always welcome to play with us. In fact we’re planning to record an album with him over the next couple of months too.

5. Finally, we’ve got to ask – With a sound like yours, what kind of shows d’you end up playing?

As long as we’re not pigeon-holed into any genre we are happy to play with literally any type of band or artist, or for anyone to enjoy or hate the music for that matter. I guess we’re just too damn old and jaded to be rockstars.

What nice weirdos. The Big Naturals release their self titled debut album on 4th June.

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