28th October | Exchange

The Lovely Eggs are one of those bands that really capture the essence of what the Britpop scene was originally about; a minor nod to the past but an embracing of rag tag, garage band, guitar driven song writing without pretension, and not giving a damn about how they’re received.

Holly is a brilliantly engaging frontwoman, constantly somewhere between angry and disaffected. Her husband sits behind on drums looking utterly bored throughout most of the set, supplying deep toned and very Lancashire sounding backing vocals as he causes the kit resemble the noise it would make if tossed down the stairs.

All the while Holly defiantly pelts out outrageously catchy ditties which float between psychedelic and surreal and at times landing a step away from nonsense school yard sing-a- longs; “have you ever heard a digital accordion?, have you ever travelled time in a Delorean?”. All the while she saws her muddy distorted guitar in half, strutting about in 1950s looking dresses. There are few bands that can make not caring look and sound so entertaining.

Listen to ‘Magic Onion’ below, and grab a ticket for the show here.