Puppy // Live Review

"Puppy proved (even in just the first five minutes) that they have created a middle-ground where ferocity meets pop." Ffion Riordan-Jones reviews.
Gigs of the Week

Dave // Live Preview

"Expect your voice to be lost in the sea of young souls navigating their own experiences with pain and joy." Caitlin Clark previews Dave at the O2 Academy.

Martha // Preview

"Hailing from a Durham suburb named Pity Me, their music has apt emotion to match their hometown’s name." Jonny Pinches previews Martha.

Mogli // Preview

"When first listening to Mogli, there is an air of feeling like you are on a journey down mountain hillsides." Rose Parish previews.
Yasiin Bey

Yasiin Bey // Live Review & Photoset

"A celebration not just of his music, but of the idea of free artistic expression as a whole." Gabriel Palmer and Lee Ramsey review Yasiin Bey
Rozi Plain

Rozi Plain // Preview

"For fans of Rozi Plain’s polished folk, Thursday is going to be folking good." Jonny Pinches previews Rozi Plain at SouthBank.

Daughters // Live Review

"Daughters step up and launch into ‘The Reason They Hate Me’, a track with a guitar riff like a malfunctioning hadron collider." Max Baker reviews.

Stella Donnelly // Preview

Stella Donnelly "flips on their head the evils of this world for an uplifting listening experience." Caitlin Clark previews her forthcoming show at Thekla.
China Bowls

China Bowls // Live Review & Photoset

The 'Welcome To My City' Tour came to The Louisiana, headlined and hosted by China Bowls. Amber-Ruth Watson and Jess Greenwood review.
Pet Shimmers

Gigs of the Week // 18th-24th April

Goes and it goes and it goes, goes and it goes and it goes - the music in Bristol, that is. Hope there's something for you in this week's Gigs of the Week.