Lewisburg ‘El Celebro’ | Single Review

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In our unpredictable mid-year climate, where the weather can sway from heat wave to downpour at a moment’s notice, it becomes hard to define the sound of an English summer song. ‘El Celebro’, the first release from Lewisburg aka Al Robertson, gives it his best shot here with a slice of atmospheric summer groove.

Lewisburg may call London his home, but his vocals and instrumentation call for sun bleached deserts and sweeping open roads. The downplayed chorus on ‘El Celebro’, accompanied by subtle spectral effects, paint the grey skies of Lewisham over the dry, baked landscapes evoked by slide guitars and gently-picked melodies. A true meeting of worlds for a mellow and mature first release.

Check out the video for ‘El Celebro’ right here: