Jackal Music | Interview


There weren’t enough genuinely informative sanctuaries for the old, obscure and forgotten.

In a world of sites with eyes cast solely forward, the new and Bristol-based Jackal Music enter the blogosphere to do exactly the opposite. We talk with -co-founder Jake Leyland about what we can all expect.

So welcome to the scene, can let us all know what Jackal Music does?

Thank you! Jackal Music is essentially a retrospective online magazine. We want to promote bands, artists, producers and composers whose talent may have been forgotten about in the 21st century fervour for all things new…

Awesome, what prompted you to start a blog that looks into the past for inspiration?

There are plenty of (very good) hype-machine type blogs that provide people with new music to listen to. Yet myself and co-founder Will Thomson felt that there weren’t enough genuinely informative sanctuaries for the old, obscure and forgotten. We try to write personal articles, and want to encourage others to do the same, I suppose in a bid to promote variety of interpretation, to spark conversation about music and to generally to get creative juices flowing. We also want to educate ourselves; if we don’t know much about, say, Krautrock, then we can research it and share what we’ve learnt with everyone.

Are there any Bristol acts exciting you at the moment, past or present?

We went to the Howling Owl night at The Arnolfini this weekend which was ridiculous in a very pleasing way – Vessel, Giant Swan, Oliver Wilde and H Zam collectively showcased how much talent there is in Bristol, and that’s only within one generic bracket. The Naturals, The St. Pierre lot, The Hysterical Injury, Livity Sound, Earthling, Young Echo, we could continue for a while…

What sorts of features do you have ready to roll out on us then?

Well, in addition to our longer feature articles we have a lot of regular content. We provide ‘Daily Bread’: a track for the day and a small bio about the song, put together a weekly selection every Friday, sometimes thematically and sometimes randomly and we’ve also just started our ‘Crate-digging’ feature, for which we go and find the most bizarre looking records from Bristol’s second hand record stores and give a sort of stream-of-consciousness, a trying-to-be-sensical review. In addition we’re going to do a monthly ‘Jackalcast’ which will simply be an eclectic and unlikely selection of compatible tracks put together in a mix. Plenty more in the pipeline too.

And to get in on all that,  how can people connect with you guys?

Just head to jackalmusic.co.uk, or of course we’re on facebook and twitter.

Thanks Jake, awesome to have you.

Whet your appetite with this track from yesterday’s Daily Bread, which you can read here: