Glass Animals | Live Review & Photoset


Dave Bayley leads with his slick guitar strings soon followed by surging electronic pulses.

Glass Animals certainly ring amongst many ears having drawn comparisons to Wild Beasts and Alt-J, but with a defiant ambiance that has cemented their place at the top of the pack. The Oxford four-piece come to Bristol and ready to rock the boat that is Thekla.

To no surprise it’s a sold out show, with full numbers downstairs and on the balcony, misty smoke rising up from the main stage, beacons of purple and yellow raying down with four mysterious figures smoothly taking their places. Frontman Dave Bayley leads with his slick guitar strings soon followed by surging electronic pulses, jungle-esque sound bites and spell-binding synths, welcome to the tropical domain of ‘ZABA’.

Rhythmic tones, clattering drum beats, ultrasonic whistles and bubbly snippets, instrumentalist artistry guided by Bayley’s warm chilled vocals. Songs like ‘Flip’ and ‘Toes’ immediately intoxicating the audience, wibble wobble electronics and loop pedals galore, Bayley’s eccentric hand movements, weaving through his woozy words. People swaying to the glittering sounds of Gooey then clutched by the dark abyss of ‘Wyzrd’, things getting hazey, smoke and lights captivated the room – there was no escaping Glass Animals tropical forest ambiance.

The audience crying out for more, the band unleashing their remix of Kanye West’s ‘Love Lockdown’, transforming the hip hop piece to a captivating acapella, layered by Bayley’s harmonic thrumming and bassist Edmund Irwin Singer flicking strings, a flawless Trip Hop fusion. ‘Pools’ closes the party, mixing whirling synths, afrobeat style drums and rainforest soundscapes – illuminating what has been a masterpiece of a debut album and outstanding year for Glass Animals.

Check out ‘Pools’ right here: