Hollie Cook

Gigs of the Week | 8th-14th Feb

Love is in the air - for your Bristol music scene, of course. As we reel from the loss of another venue in The Bierkeller, scene of many a past glory, let's embrace the present, our great venues and promoters, embrace new bands and embrace the person next to us in the crowd (perhaps not the last one).
Gigs of the Week

Gigs of the Week | 14th-20th June

Gigs of the Week is here to remind you that despite the footballing hoo-ha over in Russia for the next month, gigging truly remains the beautiful game.
Gigs of the Week

Gigs of the Week | 28th June – 4th July

Henry Rollins probably nailed it when he suggested, "Musicians should not play music. Music should play musicians." Here's our pick of the finest acts in Bristol this week. Enjoy! 
Magic Gang

Gigs of the Week | 27th September-3rd October

October, gig-wise, is looking more tightly-packed than a pair of tiny trunks, but here are our Sept-Oct spanning Gigs of the Week.
Gigs of the Week

Gigs of the Week // 17th-23rd January

We don't do slow starts here in Bristol. January is already at full steam with top-quality shows. Here are our picks, in the latest Gigs of the Week.
Gigs of the Week

Gigs of the Week | 8th-14th Mar

We're rather liking this March malarkey and its unbelievable array of gigs. Why not take your mum out for a spot of crowdsurfing on Mothers' Day?
Gigs of the Week

Gigs of the Week // 15th-21st November

You can barely move in Bristol this week for the number of quality acts in the city. The Gigs of the Week create some kind of gig gridlock.
Emma Ruth Rundle

Gigs of the Week | 1st-7th November

When the clocks go back and it gets dark earlier in the evening, autumn touring season simply sparks up even more brightly. Check out our Gigs of the Week.
Gigs of the Week

Gigs of the Week | 7th-13th June

Modern life rarely presents you with silence, so you might as well mindfully take control of what's going into your ears as often as possible in your waking hours. This week's Gigs of the Week includes all-day shows, afternoon shows and many an evening noisefest.
Gigs Week

Gigs of the Week | 2nd-8th Nov

The clocks have gone back. The nights are drawing in. But don't hibernate - get out and listen to the finest gigs that Bristol has to offer.


Vinyl Staircase

Vinyl Staircase // Preview


FKJ // Preview


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