Dim Swn | Preview


Hearts were broken when news came that there was no full Swn Festival this year – although like most clouds there was a silver lining, with the one dayer that is Dim Swn.

The lineup is basically a curation of the best new music around, founded back in 2007 when Huw Stephens and John Rostron returned from SXSW with the idea of putting on a smaller festival in their hometown Cardiff. All sounds pretty good right? Well this year things have been stripped down to a single day due to a much needed ‘breather’, though we’re assured things should be back to normal next year.

It was originally The Wytches and The Amazing Snakeheads that made me put down my coffee and order a ticket, but there’s so much more to be excited about. I could spew on for hours about the amount of quality acts on the bill, but to keep it simple other favourites are Telegram, Woman’s Hour, Happyness and Grumbling Fur. It’d be crass not to grab a ticket for this, honestly.

Check out a bit of ‘The Wytches’ right here: