Towns | Interview


“Britain has always produced great bands and we want to continue that heritage”

1) For most people Towns seemed to have come kicking and screaming into 2011 out of nowhere, what’s it taken to get the band to this point ?
We’ve been friends for so long with the same interests that forming a band happened naturally. We uploaded two demos to the internet and to our surprise, people liked them. When NME named us a band of 2011 we got all this attention that we didn’t know how to handle. In fact we were the only band in that NME list without any industry backing. People would have been working really hard to get their bands on that list and we were there by accident really. I guess people got excited because it was the strength of the songs that got us noticed. Since then we’ve built an exciting young team around us, written loads of songs and played some awesome shows with our Bristol friends. We’re currently on our first tour and we’re absolutely loving it. It’s amazing that people across the country have heard of our little band. And to be sharing these new experiences with close friends make it even better.

2) Where do you get inspiration / draw influence from?
We make music that we would like to listen to ourselves. Our biggest influences would be bands like My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Chapterhouse, Slowdive, Jesus and Mary Chain, Stone Roses, Spiritualized, The Smiths. Britain has always produced great bands and we want to continue that heritage.

3) What’s on the horizon for Towns?
Our new single, ‘Gone Are The Days’ is coming out soon. We’re having a release party at Start The Bus on February 1st with our good friends Spectre’s. It’s free entry so the place should be buzzing. We have the rest of our tour to look forward to which includes a show at Camden Barfly with Outfit as part of Fly Magazine’s ones to watch in 2012.  Once the tour is finished we’ll have even more exciting news to announce.

4) Bristol seems to have been typecast for the last decade in a role not of anyone’s choosing, how do you feel about the local scene’s future?
We absolutely love Bristol. It isn’t known for its guitar music but there’s just so many exciting bands making great music at the moment that I’m sure it won’t be long until the rest of the country will be talking about Bristol as the start of something special. Just look at our mates at Howling Owl Records. Based in Bristol, they put out Bristol bands and so far every release they’ve done has sold out.

5) You’re basically the embodiment of the sound of 2012, where do you think you will see music going in the next year?
Well if we have anything to do with it there’ll be an increase in loud guitars, feedback, sweaty gigs and great times.


Check out their tour dates, and new video for Gone Are The Days:

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