9th December | Roll for the Soul

From putting out singles in the form of pin badges to curating consistently ace line-ups, the Art is Hard Records team sure know how to do things well, and hosting Bruising’s Bristol tour date alongside their monthly single release subscription package The Pin Pal Club in the comfort and cosiness of Roll for the Soul proved to be the exact kind of irresistible, guitar-fuelled fun needed on a rainy Friday night.

Having previously released a handful of tracks earlier this year on Riots Not Diets, Neurotic Fiction have a propensity for crafting the kind of instantly infectious pop-punk tracks that you want to listen to over and over again. Rattling through soaring melodies and laidback guitar lines their set firmly established them as purveyors of engaging, hazy, “jangly joy” as their excellent single ‘Mediator’, which you can get in the form of a super cool pin from Art is Hard, evidences and definitely as a band to catch live next time you can.

With the wavering, feedback-laden chords of ‘Can’t You Feel’ opening Bruising’s set and intertwining with frontwoman Naomi Baguley’s smooth, dulcet vocals ,there’s a magnetism in the band’s presence from the outset. Delivering each track with a seemingly effortless composure, and friendly rapport in between, their distinctive blend of thrashing, noisy tones, silky harmonies, and earnest lyrics sends out immersive and quite comforting swathes of sound augmented by the fact that Bruising have an impressive repertoire of familiar songs.

By the time we reach the closing couple of incredibly enchanting tracks ‘I Don’t Mind’ and ‘Emo Friends’ there are a fair few singing along to the heartfelt musings on love and relationships. As Bruising’s show comes to an end, they leave us looking forward to hearing what’s next from the Leeds based four-piece.

Check out the video for ‘I Don’t Mind’ below.