We talk to our favourite people about all things Bristol, from food to favourite bands. This month, we pick the brains of drummer Chris Holmes from the band, October Drift.

Hi Chris! When did you first move to Bristol?

We actually all live in Taunton, but see Bristol as our hometown place to gig in. There’s virtually no music scene going on where we live, so spend a lot of time traveling up to Bristol to watch bands.

How did October Drift start?

By four guys who were too scared to get real jobs watching far, far too many Smashing Pumpkins videos.

What’s been a highlight for October Drift?

For me it’s whenever we play a busy headline show. I’ve never got used to people paying to watch us play and I’m always taken aback when a show sells out. We’ve been lucky enough to play a few sold out shows, both in Bristol and in other cities and the feeling you get from them is amazing. Without an audience the whole process is kind of pointless, so I’m always really grateful to anyone who takes the time to come to a show.

Who’s your top Bristol artist at the moment?

That’s a hard one because there’s a load of people to choose from. We played with Idles last year at the BBC6 festival at Thekla and thought they were insane. Also The Naturals and Spectres are great. We’ve all been to see them live a fair few times over the years.

I think the artist that, as a band, we listen to the most is Oliver Wilde. We play his albums a lot in the van and have seen him live quite a few times. Kiran our singer went to his show at Thekla the other week and raved about it. Other artists we listen to are Sienna Chorus, Scarlet Rascal, Rhain and Lice.

How would you describe the music scene here?

I think it’s probably the most diverse I’ve come across. I once went to a show in Bristol where a guy was playing dance music through a squid. It kinda freaked me out a bit, but I don’t know another city where you can walk into a venue and find sea creatures being used as instruments.

What’s your favourite thing about Bristol?

Mission Burrito and The Louisiana.

And your least favourite?

The At-Bristol prices. I don’t want to remortgage my house, i just want to pretend i’m Brian Cox and stargaze for a bit.

October Drift play a sold-out show at The Louisiana on 30th April. You can catch them at The Great Escape, Deer Shed Festival and Blackthorn Festival. Check out their track ‘Losing My Touch’ below.