Beaty Heart ‘Mixed Blessings’ | Album Review

Beaty Heart

Beaty Heart don’t so much bring the summer vibes on Mixed Blessings as they do transport you to a friendly tropical island of dancing and technicolour feasts. Even for the hard-nosed and miserable, this debut album from the Peckham trio is an irresistible force of optimism. The imagery is vivid, the instrumentation colourful and diverse. As a listening experience it is well-realised. A combination of thoughtful structure and track layout give the feeling of a cohesive whole rather than a set of disjointed tracks. It is an adventure.

From the rich layers of ‘Seafood’ to the minimalist clack and twang of ‘Yadwichas Theme’, Beaty Heart provide an aural portal of escapism for the listener. The vocals are soft and soothing, the bass gentle and pervasive, an inviting mix that might just sweep you away with it on a wave of tropic-infused pop. Track ‘Muti’ comes as a natural rest at the midpoint of the album. With simple piano chords and stripped-out effects this is the metaphorical sway in a hammock, a moment to stop and enjoy the world Beaty Heart have created, before the final act arrives in a celebration of sound and atmosphere on ‘Lekka Freakout’.

More than anything, Mixed Blessings is fun. In their goal to shove aside ‘everything else that is real and that sucks about life for a while’ Beaty Heart have succeeded. Like an idyllic holiday escape from the daily grind there is a twist of melancholy as the journey comes to an end. Closer ‘Lucky Set’ is a downplayed drift into silence that serves to allow the listener to descend from the cacophonous happiness that has come before. Their debut is finished. Lucky for us we can always give it another spin.

Get stuck into a taste of Seafood below: