Max Baker


Kelly Lee Owens // Live Review

Kelly Lee Owens
Behind her equipment and out in front of it, wielding a microphone, Kelly Lee Owens is a creative performer first and a producer second. Max Baker reviews.

Kurt Vile // Live Review & Photoset

Kurt Vile
Kurt Vile, "a mass of hair armed with a Fender Jaguar" whipped up a steady frenzy at The Anson Rooms. Max Baker and Michael Brumby review.

Kelly Lee Owens // Preview

Kelly Lee Owens
"There is a meditative aspect to Kelly Lee Owens as a performer and in the music she produces." Max Baker previews Kelly Lee Owens show at Thekla.

Kurt Vile | Preview

"A natural successor to Neil Young, Kurt Vile is part of the great American songwriting tradition." Max Baker previews Kurt Vile at The Anson Rooms.

Superorganism | Live Review & Photoset

Working their quirks, the organically wacky Superorganism entertained the SWX crowd recently. Max Baker and Jessica Bartolini review.

Superorganism | Live Preview

Superorganism are guaranteed to give you something for your mind at SWX on Monday night. Max Baker contemplates what that might be.

Teleman | Live Review & Photoset

Teleman kicked off their UK tour of 'Family of Aliens' at Thekla on Thursday night. Max Baker and Mar Reyes were in attendance.

Teleman | Live Preview

Teleman have honed their live craft intently over the last few years, with close attention evident in their meticulous indie-pop. Max Baker previews.

Imarhan | Live Review & Photoset

After the success of their album, 'Temet', Imarhan bring a brand-newness to a traditional form of music. Max Baker and Hannah Rooke review.

Imarhan | Live Preview

Get ready for some dancefloor-ready, funked-up desert blues from Tuareg troubadours, Imarhan at Thekla on Monday 10th. Max Baker previews.