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Gigs of the Week | 11th-17th Jan

Just before touring season goes off the scale in late January and early February, we bring you our second more homespun Gigs of the Week of 2018.

Gigs of the Week | 4th-10th Jan

Gigs of the Week
January’s first Gigs of the Week features some excellent local acts and smaller local venues, as well as established heavyweights from further afield.

Gigs of the ‘Week’ | 14th-29th Dec

Where exactly did 2017 go?There may have been times when you've been convinced that the world's gone mad. Hopefully, though, there have been headphone...

Gigs of the Week | 7th-13th Dec

Very much like any cracker you've ever pulled at Christmas time, you know just what you're going to get out of Bristol's live music scene - varied delight.

Honeyblood | Cover Interview

This month's cover stars are Glaswegian rockers Honeyblood. Catch our interview ahead of their show on 18th December.

Gigs of the Week | 30th Nov-6th Dec

December is upon us. Where did 2017 go? This week, we say "Hello" and "Happy Birthday" once more, as well as the long "Goodbye" to Roll for the Soul.

BadBadNotGood | Live Review

As the sold-out crowd at Motion clearly showed, BadBadNotGood have given jazz a new face and a different energy.

Gigs of the Week | 23rd-29th Nov

Gigs of the Week
This week sees two big celebrations, a 30th birthday for a dear Bristolian friend, and a day of birth for a new member of the Bristol music family.

Gigs of the Week | 16th-22nd Nov

Gigs of the Week
It's not Christmas yet, good people, so get out and enjoy the Gigs the Week before Slade lays seasonal siege to your sub-conscious.

Sylvan Esso | Live Review

Sylvan Esso
"Sometimes sounding as old as the Appalachians, whilst simultaneously sounding like an illegal rave taking place inside a Gameboy" - Sylvan Esso at SWX.