Jon Kean


Love From Stourbridge | Live Review & Photoset

The Wonder Stuff and Ned’s Atomic Dustbin brought their double-headliner 'Love From Stourbridge' tour to the O2 Academy. Jon Kean and Jess Greenwood were there to share the love.

Gigs of the Week | 12th-18th Apr

Gigs of the Week
Tokyo and Osaka get more of a look in than normal in this edition of Gigs of the Week and Friday's selections have an unexpectedly dark common theme to them.

Love From Stourbridge | Live Preview

Love From Stourbridge
Love From Stourbridge brings double-headliner sets from The Wonder Stuff and Ned's Atomic Dustbin, interspersed with a DJ set from Graham Crabb of PWEI. Jon Kean cannot contain his anticipation.

Gigs of the Week | 5th-11th Apr

Nabihah Iqbal
Proof, if ever you needed it, that Bristol is blessed with a thriving and diverse music scene - it's our latest Gigs of the Week.

Thoughts: Why Chat Through A Gig?

Our Live Editor Jon Kean delivers in intriguing thought piece and one of the most apparent themes currently at live gigs - Why Chat Through A Gig?

Gigs of the Week | 29th Mar-4th Apr

Sunflower Bean
There's an even more celebratory air than normal to this edition of Gigs of the Week, with festivals, launch shows and an 8th birthday party.

Gigs of the Week | 22nd-28th Mar

Oliver WIlde
If you’re sick of malingering at home or in your office, photoshopping Russian hats onto politicians, why not get frisky, embrace the advent of spring and celebrate with a gig or five? It's Gigs of the Week time.

Gigs of the Week | 15th-21st Mar

Dream WIfe
As the world honours the hero that was Stephen Hawking, here is our theory of everything that you ought to prioritise in the next seven days. It's Gigs of the Week.

Gigs of the Week | 8th-14th Mar

Gigs of the Week
We're rather liking this March malarkey and its unbelievable array of gigs. Why not take your mum out for a spot of crowdsurfing on Mothers' Day?

Nils Frahm | Live Review & Photoset

Nils Frahm
Everyone should go to a Nils Frahm gig at least once in their lives. Whatever the opposite of easy listening is (and it’s definitely not uneasy listening), that’s what Frahm delivers. Jon Kean reviews. Photos by Hannah Rooke.


Vinyl Staircase // Preview


FKJ // Preview


whenyoung // Photoset