Christian Northwood


Tracks of the Week // 16th January

A littler bit later than usual, but no less brilliant, it's our favourite tracks of the last week.

Tracks of the Week // January 7th

Find out what you missed out on whilst you were tangled in tinsel.

Tracks of the Week // December 17th

The last tracks of the week round up until the new year I'm afraid, but don't worry it's a good one: Martha – Heart is...

Tracks of the Week // December 10th

Have a dip into our favourite new songs below: Herbal Tea and Oliver Wilde – Without You, Die Hard’s Not The Same One of Bristol’s most...

Tracks of the Week // December 3rd

I'm happy to announce that Christmas songs are now allowed in our round-up.

Tracks of the Week // November 26th

Our favourite new tracks! All here! In one place!

Tracks of the Week // November 19th

More new music for your ears.

Tracks of the Week // November 5th

Think that fireworks are the only things that bang? THINK AGAIN: HANYA – Radio A moody, shimmering debut track from Brighton’s Hanya. Drenched in echo, ‘Radio’...

Tracks of the Week // October 22nd

There! Is! Always! More! New! Music!

Tracks of the Week 136

Have a dig into our favourite new songs.