Amber-Ruth Watson


China Bowls // Live Review & Photoset

China Bowls
The 'Welcome To My City' Tour came to The Louisiana, headlined and hosted by China Bowls. Amber-Ruth Watson and Jess Greenwood review.

Maverick Sabre // Live Review & Photoset

Maverick Sabre
"Ruthless messages, worldly regrets and a yearning to mend society." Amber-Ruth Watson and Lee Ramsey review Maverick Sabre at Trinity.

Lucy Rose // Live Review & Photoset

A church, a mural, a long walk up a hill, Samantha Crain and then Lucy Rose. Plenty to evoke strong emotions. Amber-Ruth Watson and Mar Reyes review.

China Bowls // Preview & Interview

China Bowls
China Bowls is heading to The Louisiana to headline her leg of the 'Welcome To My City Tour'. She spoke to Amber-Ruth Watson about where she's at right now.

Tugboat Captain // Live Review

Tugboat Captain
"All of them brought sweet, soft tones which blended together like your favourite summer smoothie." Amber-Ruth Watson reviews Tugboat Captain.

Maverick Sabre // Preview & Interview

Maverick Sabre
"Maverick Sabre has a family-grown philosophy that allows him to connect internally with huge audiences." Preview and interview by Amber-Ruth Watson.

Lucy Rose // Preview

"I expect her angelic sound waves to float sweetly through its beautiful acoustics." Amber-Ruth Watson previews Lucy Rose at St George's.

Tugboat Captain // Preview

Tugboat Captain
Undeniably dedicated, collaboratively creative - Tugboat Captain anchor their electronic orchestral pop in Bristol on Saturday. Amber-Ruth Watson previews.

Swindle // Live Review & Photoset

Swindle reminisced about nights out at Motion and celebrated beginning his tour in Bristol at Fiddlers. Amber-Ruth Watson and Hannah Rooke review.

Swindle // Preview

Swindle is not afraid of exposing gritty truths, but also encourages togetherness through troubled times. Amber Watson previews his show at Fiddlers.