Ah, the 90s. A time of top notch children’s television, Spice Girls crisp packets and Tamagotchis. It was also packed full of all the boybands you could ever want before One Direction were even a twinkle in their mother’s eyes. Step in 911, a 90s boyband dream who had a wealth of top-charting singles – including ‘Party People… Friday Night’ aka the first single I ever bought – and ‘A Little Bit More’ which reached number one in 1999.

And lucky for you, the band are getting back together. Ahead of their appearance at Bristol’s SWX on Saturday 19th November, we ask founding member Jimmy Constable if things were better in the 90s or now.


There were so many boybands in the 90s compared to today; I think our time was about slick routines and putting on a show for the crowd and competing against other bands for chart positions as well as travelling on roadshows for promo mixing, so I will say that 90s was well better for boybands


This was definitely not cool in the 90s! Looking back at those oversized jackets and jeans tucked into the boots and those hairstyles? Hah! I will say now is better for fashion, although we definitely thought we were fashionable back then.


It was so much easier back in the 90s or so it seemed anyway. Everyone seems too cool for school now rather than having a good time and living in the moment, so I will say 90s was better for dating


Without a doubt, it was better in the 90s; we had Live and Kicking, Fully Booked, Top of the Pops and endless Saturday morning TV for the kids. Now its all cookery shows.

Going Out

This was a huge thing in the 90s; so many clubs were rocking in every town but now it seems very wine bar orientated, so will say 90s was better.


Everyone has their favourites with movies so that’s a hard one to call. I still like 80s movies such as Top Gun and many more so I don’t think I can pick on this one!

911 fans

Our fans were manic and sometimes crazy but very loyal; we had fans that would travel the uk to see us and even Europe just to see a show. Without our fans we would be nothing so we have to say 90s fans were the best.


This was the biggest thing in the 90s; everyone waited for the charts on a Sunday after going to their local HMV or Woolworths to to pick up a CD or tape. Competing with bands for chart positions was the best ever during that time.

And what can we expect from the show?

We’ill be doing all our hits from the past five albums and the show will be as people remember; watch out for routines, flips and even some breakdancing.

911 play SWX Bristol on 19th November. Grab tickets here and in the meantime, check out this blast from the past below.