Woods | Preview


Woods have certainly come a long way from the backyard spirituals and spooky sound collages on their debut LP, ‘How To Survive In + In The Woods’. Having released seven albums in as many years, most of which rose to critical acclaim, the band can certainly be seen as one of the most prolific and vital of their ilk, at once sprawling and restrained. The Grateful Dead meets Bon Iver.

This year’s ‘With Light And With Love’ – an album released after a brief year away – further secures the band’s move towards more traditional pop and indie rock structures; in other words, they’ve cleaned up the production at bit, but kept the experimental flourishes. It’s eleven crisp and clear psych-folk ditties in the way Woods have slowly but surely perfected over the years. However, we are fortunate to peek a glimpse at a ‘September With Pete’ sized-chunk on the album’s title track, which still proves a crucial element in defining the band’s signature sound.

On this, the band’s fourth excursion to Bristol, Woods are to perform in the opulent surroundings of The Lantern. It does seem an odd placement, that the band aren’t appearing at the Fleece again, but provided they’ve got a 12-minute ‘Bend Beyond’ ready to unleash, I don’t think anyone will be deterred. Be sure to grab a ticket and see Woods, one of the best live bands around. Sept, 22nd.

Check out old favourite ‘To Clean’ right here: