Carl Barat – ‘Run With The Boys’ | Single Review

Carl Barat

“I love her face/and I love her name… I’ve made up my mind/I’ve slippin’ away/I’ve got this new girl down in Harringay”, goes the second verse of Carl Barat’s new tune of pulling groupies to the memory of his previous outfits. Good news is this single (taken from his new solo album) announces he can still impress the ladies after a night with the boys. Bad news is, just as Carl “better let her go-o-o…”, so too, must we consign this particular past-it to our collective dustbins. About as classy and seductive as a night in a Perkin Warbeck; and is about as intelligent after you are once you’ve left one at 1am. Horrible.
By Nicholas Burman.