Three Kings High ‘Nothing Left To Lose’ | Single Review

The new single from Three Kings High is explosive, riff-heavy and electrifying.

Ben Cooling ‘Breathe Again’ | Single Review

Helped along by its squeaky clean production, it’s another striking output from the Circus City artist who grows wiser with every release.

Jane Allison ‘Just Another Girl’ | Album Review

Allison’s debut album ‘Just Another Girl’ is an album full of soulful contemplation, finely in tune with Bristol’s contemporary country scene.

The Trans-Antarctic Expedition ‘Self-Titled’ | EP Review

Already a strong contender on the folk circuit, this release is sure to amplify their intentions.

Skepta Ft JME ‘That’s Not Me’ | Stream

The Adenuga brothers show their pioneering hold over the scene once again with this modern grime classic ‘That’s Not Me’.

The Moons ‘Mindwaves’ | Album Review

The Moons know where they want their listener to be. Mindwaves will take fans back to a jauntier time where this kind of psychedelic sci-fi Brit pop was commonplace.

Elderbrook ‘I Found’ | Stream

Elderbrook has been busy at work on some great remixes, including Amber Run’s most recent release ‘I Found’.

Makala Cheung ‘Take Me’ | Single Review

Singer-songwriter Makala Cheung flies the flag for both Bristol and China with pride, as she combines both traditional and electronic sounds to create some quite distinctive pop.

Social Skills ‘Feb-July’ | Album Review

Social Skills might not be an ongoing entity, but a long overdue album has finally come to light.

Candy Darling ‘Money’ | Single Review

Emily Breeze is back with the long-awaited Candy Darling single, ‘Money’.