Ducktails | Preview


Ducktails, the adopted moniker for Real Estate’s Matt Mondanille’s early solo recordings, have gradually progressed over the years into a fully-fledged band. Their show at The Louisiana, Bristol’s epicentre of musical talent, on the 24th August is the perfect opportunity to acquaint yourself personally.

Pre-dating the jangled shoegaze of Real Estate, though tapping into the same musical vein, Ducktails will certainly reminisce with indie enthusiasts.

Earlier this year saw the release of their fourth outing, and third as a band, ‘The Flower Lane’; an oddly melancholic record of psych-pop proportions, akin to Real Estate’s ‘Days’, or ‘Destroyer’s Kaputt’. Easy to listen and drift away on, but scratch the surface and you’ll find another layer beneath these dreamy textures. Often defined as “lo-fi” or “chillwave”, this is certainly a band which wouldn’t feel out of place on indie playlists dedicated to endless summer nights, bittersweet hopes, and the woozy heartswells of young love.

If any of this appeals to you, be sure to come and see them live. To quote Mondanille directly, “if you want to see me, you know just where I’ll be”.

Stream ‘Letter Of Intent’ right here: