Mona & Maria


Scandinavian Indie Folk seems a bit of a rising trend in recent years; with singer-songwriter Kristian Matsson (aka The Tallest Man on Earth), and sister duo First Aid Kit, among others, already firmly stamping their mark on this ever expanding topographical genre. It is not surprising then, that it takes a special something to stand out from a crowd of burgeoning hopefuls at this stage in the game.

Enter: Mona & Maria, a female duo from Norway. You might not have heard of them yet, but by the end of the year you’ll be kicking yourself for not noticing this rising talent sooner. If title track ‘My Sun’ is anything to go by, their debut released later in October (via Jansen) will be a real treat for the ears.

Think acoustic noodling and siren-like vocal harmonies delivered on a wave of lush dreamy textures, that’ll simultaneously warm your heart and send shivers. Imagine the colourful dream pop of fellow Nordics Dråpe once the sun goes down and the moon comes up; as intricate, celestial music for the closing evening, or campfire songs for the vast universe; music full of grand introversion. This is Mona & Maria in a nutshell.

But perhaps the best way to describe the sound comes from the duo themselves: “We wanted to have both the low-key and intimate, and the grandiose and dramatic, to have both darkness and light at once. We wanted to make unpretentious arrangements that enhanced the lyrics and the melodies, and not buried them. The result was My Sun.”

Listen to ‘Babyflowers’ right here: