Stroke Your Beard | Interview

We may love the dirt, the grime of London, the capital's villains and naughty paths but at times we crave a virtuous bliss, to slip away from the seething, hard-pressed streets. Buried deep within London's musky metropolis are a group of musicians cradling acoustic guitars waiting to escort you to your city rapture. They're part of London's most exciting new night, Stroke Your Beard, commanding folk and thrill. With Somerset's own Ali Warren at the helm; he's got ready-to-roll grass, a roster of deadly talent and an intoxicating passion for all things folk; Stroke Your Beard cogent flavour cannot be ignored.

Indigo Earth

The soul of music can be a furrowing task to uncover, the vital breath that inspissates a band’s actuality. Soul-ravenous and philosophically-fucked we wanted...