Oliver WIlde

Gigs of the Week | 22nd-28th Mar

If you’re sick of malingering at home or in your office, photoshopping Russian hats onto politicians, why not get frisky, embrace the advent of spring and celebrate with a gig or five? It's Gigs of the Week time.
Dream WIfe

Gigs of the Week | 15th-21st Mar

As the world honours the hero that was Stephen Hawking, here is our theory of everything that you ought to prioritise in the next seven days. It's Gigs of the Week.
Gigs of the Week

Gigs of the Week | 8th-14th Mar

We're rather liking this March malarkey and its unbelievable array of gigs. Why not take your mum out for a spot of crowdsurfing on Mothers' Day?
Everything Everything

Gigs of the Week | 1st-7th Mar

Even if you have to get there by dog sled, here are our Gigs of the Week that no power of the elements should drag you away from.
Gigs of the Week

Gigs of the Week | 22nd-28th Feb

So the Earth moved the other day? Check the intensity of sound waves that are going to be spreading across the city on Thursday alone and wonder whether we're not likely to be prone to a few more tremors.

Gigs of the Week | 15th-21st Feb

Valentine's may be done and dusted, but you might just fall more deeply in love with some of the acts below this week. No stalking, though.
Hollie Cook

Gigs of the Week | 8th-14th Feb

Love is in the air - for your Bristol music scene, of course. As we reel from the loss of another venue in The Bierkeller, scene of many a past glory, let's embrace the present, our great venues and promoters, embrace new bands and embrace the person next to us in the crowd (perhaps not the last one).
Gigs of the Week

Gigs of the Week | 1st-7th Feb

As Independent Venue Week concludes, we can see the quality of Bristol's venues and shows and decide that it's Independent Venue Week every week. Enjoy your music!
Gigs of the Week

Gigs of the Week | 25th-31st Jan

The Free For All Festival concludes. Independent Venue Week begins. The Bristolian beat goes on. There's always a little bit of what you fancy out there. Keep looking for it.

Gigs of the Week | 18th-24th Jan

From the brusque and muscular, to the solemn and melancholic, here are some of the best opportunities to appreciate damn good noise in Bristol this week.