Gigs of the Week

Gigs of the Week | 28th June – 4th July

Henry Rollins probably nailed it when he suggested, "Musicians should not play music. Music should play musicians." Here's our pick of the finest acts in Bristol this week. Enjoy! 
Gigs of the Week

Gigs of the Week | 1st-7th Feb

As Independent Venue Week concludes, we can see the quality of Bristol's venues and shows and decide that it's Independent Venue Week every week. Enjoy your music!
Gigs of the Week

Gigs of the Week | 21st-27th June

If you've shelled out top dollar on a festival ticket or two in recent times, this edition of Gigs of the Week features many a top-drawer free gig to ease your mind and your finances.
Nabihah Iqbal

Gigs of the Week | 5th-11th Apr

Proof, if ever you needed it, that Bristol is blessed with a thriving and diverse music scene - it's our latest Gigs of the Week.
Gigs of the Week

Gigs of the Week | 31st May-6th June

What tunes for June? Do you feel the need to get more summery and chilled, or does the onset of the big, hot yellow thing in the sky just give you free rein to perspire without a care in the world? Gigs of the Week ought to help you decide.
Gigs of the Week

Gigs of the Week | 20th-26th September

Craig David's '7 Days' sounds like the narrator is the ultimate player, but isn't he just wasting important gigging time? Here are our Gigs of the Week.
Sunflower Bean

Gigs of the Week | 29th Mar-4th Apr

There's an even more celebratory air than normal to this edition of Gigs of the Week, with festivals, launch shows and an 8th birthday party.
Gigs of the Week

Gigs of the Week | 3rd May-9th May

One-third of the year in music may have passed, but our glass is still far more than two-thirds full by the evidence of the current Gigs of the Week.
Gigs of the Week

Gigs of the Week | 8th-14th Mar

We're rather liking this March malarkey and its unbelievable array of gigs. Why not take your mum out for a spot of crowdsurfing on Mothers' Day?

Gigs of the Week | 11th-17th Jan

Just before touring season goes off the scale in late January and early February, we bring you our second more homespun Gigs of the Week of 2018.



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