Gigs of the ‘Week’ | 14th-29th Dec

Where exactly did 2017 go? There may have been times when you've been convinced that the world's gone mad. Hopefully, though, there have been headphone...
Gigs of the Week

Gigs of the Week | 26th July-1st August

What finer distraction from the rather overheated world that we live in, but to sift through the gig listings and unearth the Gigs of the Week?
Gigs of the Week

Gigs of the Week | 22nd-28th Feb

So the Earth moved the other day? Check the intensity of sound waves that are going to be spreading across the city on Thursday alone and wonder whether we're not likely to be prone to a few more tremors.
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

Gigs of the Week | 19th-25th Apr

Record Store Day is one of many highlights this week. We seem to have a list of Gigs of the Week that is celebratory on such a number of levels, with several impending launches. Keep looking out for those special Record Store Day releases. Have a sonically-satisfying seven days.
Gigs of the Week

Gigs of the Week | 31st May-6th June

What tunes for June? Do you feel the need to get more summery and chilled, or does the onset of the big, hot yellow thing in the sky just give you free rein to perspire without a care in the world? Gigs of the Week ought to help you decide.
Sunflower Bean

Gigs of the Week | 29th Mar-4th Apr

There's an even more celebratory air than normal to this edition of Gigs of the Week, with festivals, launch shows and an 8th birthday party.
Emma Ruth Rundle

Gigs of the Week | 1st-7th November

When the clocks go back and it gets dark earlier in the evening, autumn touring season simply sparks up even more brightly. Check out our Gigs of the Week.
Magic Gang

Gigs of the Week | 27th September-3rd October

October, gig-wise, is looking more tightly-packed than a pair of tiny trunks, but here are our Sept-Oct spanning Gigs of the Week.
Oliver WIlde

Gigs of the Week | 22nd-28th Mar

If you’re sick of malingering at home or in your office, photoshopping Russian hats onto politicians, why not get frisky, embrace the advent of spring and celebrate with a gig or five? It's Gigs of the Week time.

Gigs of the Week | 18th-24th Jan

From the brusque and muscular, to the solemn and melancholic, here are some of the best opportunities to appreciate damn good noise in Bristol this week.