Olo Worms | Interview

1) You’ve been away from the live scene for almost two years, ever since you supported steve mason (the beta band) at a FOF show, what have you been up to?

Grouting. Getting married. Having mental breakdowns. We’ve been trying to make an album. What a palaver. Who would have thought it would turn out to be such a headache. Hey! We finally finished it! We’ve got no idea if it’s any good, or if it makes sense, or if people will like it but that’s not really the point. The point was that we wanted to make something that reflected what we are like as four very different people with very different ideas. There were a lot of ideas. There was quite a lot of fighting too. To be honest, it was a painful experience making it.

But we didn’t wanna just make a standard album that would be a predictable listen. We didn’t want it to sit comfortably in peoples stomachs. You’ll either throw it up, or the fat will clog up around your organs causing you to pass out, or you’ll simply digest it, love it, and release it through your anus (like you would a normal album). After the album is released we’ll be auditioning people to play versions of ourselves for some live gigs. Everyone says ”you can’t make money from music anymore, you make your money from pinterest, blogging GIFs, playing live and touring” and because we don’t wanna have to play a load of gigs, we thought we’d better get the pro’s in. We’re gonna pay top dollar for top musicians to play us live! We’ll still feed them lines for the ‘banter’ inbetween the songs. Real banter.

2) OLO Worms have become quite a creative collective, producing artwork, videos, radio shows, guerilla marketing, and a host of other projects, have you always felt like a visual identity is at the core of the band?

Well we started this OLO project as a visual thing really. We havn’t become a creative collective, we started out as one. We were making videos, radio shows, artwork, etc before we picked up an instrument. We’ve never really been a band. We don’t really like the idea of being a ‘band’. What’s the point? It’s pretty dull. There have been loads of great bands which we love, but why bother trying to be another one of those bands that have already sold you their t-shirt? I think a dislike of the traditional band set-up is one of the things that drives us on and informs most of the decisions we make. ”What would such and such band do? Ok, let’s definitely not do that… let’s erm… take our Mum’s out shopping and record the sound of the tills”. Hopefully we don’t have a strong ‘visual identity’ per se. Our style is that we don’t have a style. It’s always good to be in a position where you can change shape at any moment. Especially if you’re on the run.

3) After your last set of releases, poloroids 1-3, has it been a change of pace working on an album?

No different really. We’ve been set on making an album for a long time. We thought up the ‘Poloroid’ releases last year in order to get some new stuff out there. There had been too much time spent over the last few years just sitting on ideas. I think if you’ve made something, then just get it out there! Because if you’ve thought of an idea, you can be sure there’s a load of other people who have had the same thought and they’re out in their shed’s making it while you’re snoozing. It was fun releasing the music in different forms, inside pots of earth, inside the noses of paintings. We could have done loads of them! There’s a whole list of other OLO ‘products’ waiting to hit the production line later this year. Eventually we’d love to fill a brick house with all our physical objects that we’ll release. The ‘Poloroid’ tracks have formed the ‘Image’ EP we’ve just released. 4) You have a very eclectic sound, how did you find defining this on record? HARD. Very hard. It was all recorded in our bedrooms and we mixed it ourselves so it was quite a task considering the amount of crap we threw in. I mean on some songs we’d have over 100 parts to the song, that’s ridiculous! There’s no need to include the sound of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle eating at pizza inside a pitta bread while flicking his Asda name badge pin is there?. Gareth did actually have a mental breakdown trying to control it all. Ha! what a terrible rock cliche. The rest of us suffered too. It was torture, Ha! We’ve decided from now on we’re only gonna use finger clicks, recorded live, in one take, on dictaphones. I don’t know if we are eclectic? The way I see it is that (generally) people are too set in their ways, especially in the world of ‘rock music’. I think we’re just more open to trying new things and other approaches to making music. We’re not at all scared of making complete arses of ourselves. Is that eclectic? If you make music, or films, or any kind of art, I don’t understand why you would want to make everything you do in the same way or copy someone else’s style.

5) With the variety of release methods over the past few years, we’re expecting big things with the album, are there any surpirses in store?

We’re hoping to really let people down with this one, that’s the surprise!! ”SURPRISE!!”

The ‘Image’ EP is out now. Their debut album will be released in June: www.oloworms.co.uk