Blind Boy Paxton | Preview


Drawing inspiration from pre-World War II blues and jazz, 26-year-old Jerron “Blind Boy” Paxton is one of the only musicians of his generation to embrace the 1920s and 30s through playing guitar, banjo, piano and violin, among others.

Born in LA but planting his roots in Louisiana, influences grew from his ragtime and country upbringing. Losing most of his sight by the age of sixteen, Blind Boy fully absorbed himself into music, picking up anything from the fiddle and ukulele to the harmonica.

Although unsigned, he continues to play blues and roots festivals throughout the United States, as well worldwide, and is one of very few current African-American banjo players touring today.

Certainly part of the new contemporaries, Paxton has been described as “the next generation of acoustic blues”, and the night he plays Bristol’s Stag and Hounds will be a unique insight into some old-time Cajun delights. 11th November.

Watch him perform ‘Broke & Hungry’ here: