Tom O'Neill


The Lovely Eggs Preview

The Lovely Eggs are hitting the road again, bringing their punk rock sound to Exchange on Wednesday.

Fenne Lily Review

As the lights came up and Nugget, Jamie Cruickshank and Fenne Lily all mingled with the crowd, the pride that their families and friends was plain to see.

Fenne Lily Preview

Fenne Lily
Fenne Lily brings her delicate, introspective music to the Lord Mayor’s Chapel on Wednesday.

Jimmy Eat World Review

The night belonged to the classics, particularly those of Futures and Bleed American.

Regina Spektor Review

Spektor performs, invoking symptoms of nostalgia, pathos and companionship in a lonely world. It was the pinnacle of a concert that will linger long in the memory.

Regina Spektor Preview

One of the most unique voices on the scene today, Regina Spektor stops by Bristol's Colston Hall on Saturday.

Lucy Rose Review + Photoset

It was apparent that this tour was a chance to take some older songs out of the cupboard, blow the dust off and enjoy them once again.