Ross Jones


Shame | Live Review

It's visceral, interactive and unquestionably excellent, proving Shame to be a excelling live band with real validity.

Colston Hall Bristol Takeover | Live Review

The climax to Colston Hall's 150th anniversary celebrations with the Bristol Takeover.

Shame | Live Preview

Shame's rise over the past year could evidently be put down to two distinct elements that successfully interweave.

Ulrika Spacek | Live Preview

Ulrika Spacek bring their expressive project to the intimate settings of the Louisiana.

Cold Specks | Live Review

Hussein uncovers the luminous virtue of her songwriting, distinctive, grasping and astute in sensitivity.

Art Is Hard: Hardly A Party Live Review

Art Is Hard Records celebrated their 7th birthday, and man it was a good one!

Psych Fest Review + Photoset

Words and photos of all the excitement and action of Bristol Psych Fest 2017.

Pond Interview

Ross Jones talks to Perth band Pond about their new album 'The Weather'.

An Interview with The Spook School

Gigs of the Week
Since the release of their second album, Edinburgh four-piece The Spook School have been finding rightfully-deserved comfort in who they are.

Slowdive Live Review

Their set at The Fleece proved that Slowdive are meant to be doing this now just as much they were twenty years ago.