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Gigs of the Week | 18th-24th October

Gigs of the Week
This Gigs of the Week is dedicated to anyone who went to a show last week and didn't add to the sonic palette by talking through the acts.

Ålesund | Live Review & Photoset

Music and sacred spaces have always been kindred spirits, but the Bristol ambient-rockers, Ålesund, suit a church more than most bands. Jon Kean reviews.

Hookworms | Live Preview

Naming your band after an intestinal parasite is a calculated risk. Hookworms, however, are infectious in the best way possible. Jon Kean previews.

Gigs of the Week | 4th-10th October

Gigs of the Week
October and November are prime touring season. Any self-respecting artist will feel the FOMO and stop off in Bristol. Here are our latest Gigs of the Week.

Gigs of the Week | 27th September-3rd October

Magic Gang
October, gig-wise, is looking more tightly-packed than a pair of tiny trunks, but here are our Sept-Oct spanning Gigs of the Week.

Gigs of the Week | 20th-26th September

Gigs of the Week
Craig David's '7 Days' sounds like the narrator is the ultimate player, but isn't he just wasting important gigging time? Here are our Gigs of the Week.

Gigs of the Week | 13th-19th September

Gigs of the Week
Festival season is all but over and the tent is back in the loft - a first-world problem, off-set by many splendid shows in our latest Gigs of the Week.

The Downs Festival | Live Review & Photoset

End of the summer or start of the autumn? Either way, The Downs Festival 2018 gave us plenty of reasons to be cheerful. Jon Kean and Paul Lippiatt review.

Gigs of the Week | 6th-12th September

Gigs of the Week
Summer isn't over until the 22nd, so don't give into autumnal thinking yet. Don't hibernate. Get yourself out and about to some of our Gigs of the Week.

IDLES | Live Review & Photoset

IDLES launched album #2, 'Joy As An Act Of Resistance' with two joyous in-stores at Rough Trade. Jon Kean and Phil Watson couldn't resist.